Nutrition of organic foods

Is there a difference between the nutritional value of organic and non organic food? The answer from the Food Standards AgencyEggs is ‘No’.

What about free range chickens and free range eggs? Again the answer is that there is no evidence supplied by scientists of any nutritional difference between those intensively raised and those that are free to roam. So on our food database we have not included organic or free range foods. The prices are different, so you will need to adjust those using the Edit button, and many people believe that these foods taste better, and the farming methods are more ethical.

Changing the prices to organic foods

Go to the Costing section of the Nutrition site.

Click the Edit button to change the price of your food product.

Organic foods are different in price, but you can change the cost in the edit button on the Nutrition costing.
Prices can be found on supermarket websites for thousands of products.

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