School Meals Nutritional Analysis

From September 2009, the schools meals served in secondary and special schools will have to meet nutritional standards. It is easy to check that primary school meals meet the criteria, but secondary schools are much more complicated. You can see the support that is offered if you visit the School Food Trust website. We, at the Nutrition Program are taking a simpler approach. We are adding a menu analysis to our program which will meet the criteria for the School Food Trust nutritional standards.

You can see the details on this link. BUT there are problems with all the data that can be analysed.

  1. Food labels show fibre, but it is AOAC fibre not NSP fibre as required by the Trust.
  2. Many modern food products do not have data on calcium, vitamins and zinc content, so these nutrients cannot be calculated until such information is supplied. However, being able to see if the meal is healthy is a good thing and you will be able to do this through our program.

As ever, I believe that things should be kept simple – so you can put one meal in, see the results and then make it more healthier if needed. This helps all cooks with their planning – get one thing right and then progress.